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HT Brand Sanitizers


  • HT - Chlorinating Granules - 2lb

    HT - Spa Chlorinating Granules 2 lb.

    SpaEase uses the highest concentrate available on the market: 99% Sodium Dichloro and 55.5% Available Chlorine. Unlike many competitors our chemicals are produced and packaged in the USA, guaranteed to be fresh. Our Chlorine contains no scale forming...

  • Spa Ease - Oxy Shock 2 lb.

    Spa Ease - Oxy Shock 2 lb.

    Spa Ease Oxy Blast Shock increases the oxygen content in your spa water, which creates clearer and cleaner hot tub water! Oxy Blast clears water contaminates and greatly increases overall water clarity. This product is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen,...

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  • HT Brominating Tablets 1.5 lb

    HT - Spa Brominating Tablets 1.5 lb.

     Traditional Bromine Tablets are dissolving products that have a high percentage of chlorine and continue to emit a high scent. SpaEase are non-dissolving, erosion based tablets that are extra hard and designed to work with SpaEase Brom Bank a...