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HT Brand Maintenance


  • HT - Jet Line Cleaner - 1 pt.

    HT - Jet Line Cleaner 1 pt.

    Over time, even a well maintained spa or jetted bathtub will accumulate unseen, bacteria breeding deposits in the plumbing lines. While chemicals keep your spa water clean, they are ineffective in dissolving dirt, soap, and mineral deposits hidden within...

  • HT - All Purpose Cleaner 1 qt.

    HT - All Purpose Cleaner 1 qt.

    SpaEase All Purpose Cleaner is specially formulated to easily remove stubborn deposits on acrylic spas and pool surfaces without altering the water chemistry, pH levels, or causing any foaming in the water. It is also ideal on faux wood spa cabinet...

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  • Bug Solutions Ultra Mitt

    Bug Solutions Ultra Mitt

    The Ultra Mitt makes cleaning your pool and spa safe and easy. This 13″ latex mitt protects your hands from harsh chemicals and includes a non-abrasive pad that does not scratch the acrylic spa surface. Ideal also for fiberglass, vinyl, and tile...

    MSRP: $17.98
  • HT - Cover Conditioner 1 pt.

    HT - Cover Conditioner 1 pt.

    SpaEase Cover Conditioner protects and extends the life of your cover. Exclusively formulated to effectively clean and restore the luster to vinyl and other hard surfaces. This unique product keeps the vinyl from hardening and cracking, particularly...

  • HT - Filter Cleaner 1 qt.

    HT - Filter Cleaner 1 qt.

    This is an enhanced formula, unlike other competitive products on the market. Keep out of reach of children and avoid splashing it on surfaces such as linoleum or tile. The use of SpaEase Filter Cleaner will effectively break down the body oils, grease,...

  • Spa Ease - Spa Gloss - 1 pt.

    Spa Ease - Spa Gloss 1 pt.

    SpaEase Spa Gloss is an innovative polish that contains unique reactive silicones which chemically bond to spa surface, providing a hard glossy, durable, protective coating. Ideal for eliminating scum lines along with helping to restore and protect the...

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