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Chemicals - HT Brand

  • HT - pH/Alkalinity Up 2 lb.

    HT - pH/Alkalinity Up 2 lb.

    SpaEase pH/Alkalinity Up raised both pH and Alkalinity. With the use of spa test strips make certain to maintain your alkalinity between 80 to 150 ppm and your pH between 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. RECOMMENDED USE 1. Determine amount of add: If pH is between 6.8 to...

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  • HT - Natural & Clear - 1 qt.

    HT - Natural & Clear - 1 qt.

    Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme that emulsifies and biodegrades organics (body oils, suntan lotion, etc.) as soon as they enter your spa helping to keep your water crystal clear with no discomfort to the spa user. By removing these organics...

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  • Spa Ease - Oxy Shock 2 lb.

    Spa Ease - Oxy Shock 2 lb.

    Spa Ease Oxy Blast Shock increases the oxygen content in your spa water, which creates clearer and cleaner hot tub water! Oxy Blast clears water contaminates and greatly increases overall water clarity. This product is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen,...

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  • HT - Filter Cleaner 1 qt.

    HT - Filter Cleaner 1 qt.

    This is an enhanced formula, unlike other competitive products on the market. Keep out of reach of children and avoid splashing it on surfaces such as linoleum or tile. The use of SpaEase Filter Cleaner will effectively break down the body oils, grease,...

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  • HT - Foam Away - 1 qt.

    HT - Foam Away- 1 qt.

    HT Foam Away breaks up existing foam instantaneously in spas, hot tubs, and whirlpools. HT uses a specially formulated high concentration that requires so little to be effective that it can best be used with a spray applicator targeting only the foaming...

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  • HT - Liquid Calcium - 1 qt.

    HT - Liquid Calcium 1 qt.

    Water hardness levels should always be maintained between 200 to 400 ppm. Improper hardness levels can cause corrosion to your equipment and the spa surface. A primary indicator of low levels of hardness is foaming in the water. Liquid Calcium is simple...

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  • HT - Jet Line Cleaner - 1 pt.

    HT - Jet Line Cleaner 1 pt.

    Over time, even a well maintained spa or jetted bathtub will accumulate unseen, bacteria breeding deposits in the plumbing lines. While chemicals keep your spa water clean, they are ineffective in dissolving dirt, soap, and mineral deposits hidden within...

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